Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Overly Tired; All Black

I've been awake too long to think of a subject for this post, so consider this a spazz sess.

Anzevino and Florence have done it again with this gargantuan silk cardigan that comes down to your knees. But you're not a model so your legs aren't about 12 inches longer than everyone else's, which means this cardigan comes down to your ankles. (Hobbit.) You know, this reminds me of the shirt/dress thing I concocted from three old black t-shirts... Cassie, your boyfriend made fun of me and asked if a fat man had been hula-hooping in my shirt; what that means I am still trying to figure out... And I didn't buy it for $268, I made it, so it was free.... But I digress.

This Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair dress also reminds me of the aforementioned hula-hooping shirt a bit... What's fun about this thing is that wearing it is like you raided the closet of a really tall guy with elephantitis on half his body... meaning half fits like a normal shirt, just really long, and the other half is incredibly oversized. It looks good the way the model is holding it, but if she let it go, it'd be down to her knees and I'm not sure how into that part I am. 

These Manolos are pretty fun. They are similar to the Burberry Prorsum heels from Spring 08 RTW that Rachel and I spent literally hours searching for on the internet. No decent pictures are available, so you'll just have to grab your glasses, go here and squint at the models' ankles. (I am so obsessed with those shoes that I am on the verge of buying some lower-platformed stripper heels, taking them to a cobbler, and instructing them to make me my own pair. Anyone know of a shoe-making class in Southern California?) This ankle cuff trend is reminiscent of electronic monitoring anklets. See Rachel's Bonne Annee post? Those shoes are very House Arrest.

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