Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New You

Ah, 2009 has begun. Not off to the best start, as my beloved Sidekick ran away, but full of hope nonetheless. Below are some New Year's Rezzies I will do my best to adhere to over the next 12 months:

1. Treat my clothes better.
This is probably one all of us can relate to. You know those awesome vintage boots you just had to wear right away even though the heel taps disintegrated, and now the heels look like crap? Or that expensive dress you didn't get dry cleaned often enough, and the stains from nights spent partying have set? We all have a story like that, as most of my shoes can attest to.

*Smart Heel makes plastic heel covers to prevent your favorite shoes from suffering awful scuffs and scrapes while in transit. At $11.95 a pair,they're not cheap but one pair will protect all your heels.

*Tide To Go is seriously made of magic. I'm pretty sure that's what their ingredient list is. Now this little stick of wonder comes in a mini size, to fit in your smallest clutch. You have no excuse not to have one. has a pack of two for $5.99, with the second pack half off. Do your girlfriends a favor and get them some, ok?

2. Mind my manners.
Etiquette is always in style. Though I am a perpetrator of road rage, and occasionally get so frustrated with T-Mobile's automated customer care that I begin screaming into the phone, I must remember to keep my cool. As much as I love the stories of nutso supermodels trying to crack people's skulls open with their cellphones (Ahem, Naomi), my favorite icons are women of class. Or grace. Well, at least I imagine them that way. Regardless, to help me keep my craziness in check is....

*Etiquette by Peggy Post. The original version was written in 1922 by etiquette expert Emily Post, and revolutionized the genre. Sounds weird, I know, but until then, etiquette was for the wealthy, all stodgy and classist, and the progressive Post helped everyone realize it is for everyday life. This version (really, a tome, as it includes nearly 900 pages) has been re-written by Emily's great-grand-daughter in-law, Peggy, and covers everything from email etiquette to how to discuss STDs! A guide to live life by, for as little as $21. Thoroughly modern, I say!

3. Drink more champagne.

I only know a few people who wouldn't want this resolution on their list. Undoubtedly the most fun res, I am sure I can manage to make this one work!

*Sofia Blanc de Blancs is a delicious sparkling wine, created by Francis Ford Coppola, and named for his daughter, director Sofia Coppola. Just like her films, this beverage is effervescent, youthful, flowery and fruity. At only $19 a bottle, it's quite a steal. Better though, are the Sofia Minis! These pink 6.32 oz cans come with their own pink flexy straws, just like the juice boxes of our youth! $4 for a yummy grown-up juice box? Yes, please!

*Even better than champagne, however, is champagne splashed with St. Germain! This delectable liquor is made from Elderflowers in the French Alps. Packaged in a gorgeous Belle Epoque bottle, notes of pear and grapefruit make this light libation the perfect addition to a number of cocktails. $30 will make your friends wonder where your bartending prowess suddenly came from. Don't worry, we'll let you take credit.

4. Exercise more.

Several months ago, I could be found stretching and sweating a couple times a week at yoga, or jogging with my dad. Then I found excuses: I had to work late, I had dinner plans, I was just plain lazy. My skin suffered, my body cried for help, my energy declined.... Ok, I'm being melodramatic. But seriously, all forms of exercise are great.

*Bikram is my favorite form of yoga. The 90 minute classes are held in a room kept at 105 degrees, and special breathing techniques are employed. You'll do none of those repetetive sun salutation series found in regular yoga, because Bikram has 26 poses, each done twice. For the first time in my life, I felt that post-exercise high runners talk so much about. Check out the link for locations. My goal is once a week. At $10 a class, it's not highway robbery and the benefits are well worth it.

Those are my New Year's Resolutions. Here's to hoping I can stick to them!


Rachel said...

Bikram Yoga is my own personal version of hell.

Raquel said...

Come Wednesday you will change your tune, little missy!

Tide said...

Hey Raquel, I'm glad you think Tide To Go is great and put it into your New Year's resolutions!

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