Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Song

This morning marks one of the most important days in American history. Will the fashion be up to par?

Gone are the days of White House couturiers, such as Jackie Kennedy's personal designer, Oleg Cassini. (Cassini is perhaps best known by today's younger set for his sequined tops peppering thrift- and vintage-stores, rather than his smart First Lady ensembles.) Nay, soon-to-be First Lady Michelle Obama is not loyal to one specific designer, but to style in general. This morning, Michelle rocked a gold shift and matching coat by designer Isabel Toledo. Nicely done, Mrs. O!

All the men wore suits (snooze) and unless they're Dior Homme, they always look the same, so who cares? Grandpa Cheney, however, pulled a muscle in his back while lifting a box while moving out of the VP mansion, so his fashion statement was a wheelchair. Good one, Pops.

Filmmaker Spike Lee was in the crowd, wearing what might be the ugliest hat ever. Evidently he's worn this before?

Of course, because it's freezing in DC, he had the earflaps down. I am pretty much speechless about how ridiculous he looks. And it's not even real fur!

Well, that does it for my Inauguration fashion assessment. I am totally stoked that Bushypoo is dunzo and hot Barack Obama is our new Mr. President. Hopefully Sasha and Malia won't give us as much grief as those naughty Bush girls.

P.S. What the fuck is that amazing hat Aretha is wearing!? No pictures online yet, but holy cow, she has a huge silver bow on top of her face! Yesss.....