Friday, January 23, 2009

The Kids Want A Little Action

Say WHAAAAAAAAAT???? Alexander McQueen for TARGET!? Ohhh, sweet baby Jesus I am so ready. Thakoon's line for Target was terrifically boring, and before that, my favorite mass retailer went through a design dry spell for months. This is probably the best collaboration possible to win back our fashion-addicted, bargain-hungry hearts.

The line, entitled McQ (which, for some reason, I read as M-C-Q, hence the MC5 reference in the title), explodes into stores, then out of stores and into my closet, this March. That's perfect, seeing as how Rachel and I will be scraping around for dough after our respective trips to New York and San Francisco next month... 

The line features shirts, dresses, circle skirts, jeans, shorts, bathing suits, jackets, and vests, all designed with that "rebellious, nostalgic flare." McQueen took inspiration from his muse, Leila Moss, and her band the Duke Spirit, whose distorted blues sound brings to mind a gritty road trip to nowhere with the wind whipping through your hair and few places to bathe. McQ's sensibility is a little punk, a little fem, and a LOT of McQueen. The devil is in the details, like in the sleeveless button up with bondage-y straps, or the one-shoulder dress with criss-crossed draping and a wide black sash holding it all in. The palate of grey, charcoal, and black stays true to McQueen's typical downtown aesthetic, with bursts of color in shades of electric blue and hot pink.

That grey motorcycle jacket with double lapels is going to be mine this spring... so, in the immortal words of the MC5, you better get out of the way. 


Krystal said...

i know, so crazy!

Rachel said...

AHHHH! I can't wait! I'm freaking out! So many exclamation marks/points!