Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I will be patient...

While I patiently await the arrival of my Miu Miu lighting bolt heels, I've been searching for outfits for my upcoming New York trip. The search is doubly complicated by the nature of the trip: it's my first work trip & we'll be attending Toy Fair. If I had millions of dollars, I'd invest in the classy Giles Deacon and naughty librarian chic by Charles Anastase. (I added a photo of Charles Anastase's muse, Valentine Fillol-Cordier because she's just really fucking pretty).

Giles Deacon

These Darth Vader-style helmets are out of this world. I love that he paired them with gorgeous little dresses. I'm not crazy about the shoes and some of his models had really scary, ghostly makeup (hence, I cropped the 3rd model's head out of the photo).

Charles Anastase

Pretty, pretty, pretty...His models are completely awkward and beyond gorgeous. Those visible garter belts are FANTASTIC. If only I had the thighs...

The Muse


hazel said...

i'm kind of an awkward nerd and so i openly embrace the nerd look. when i saw the anastase i freaked out. i have to make a skirt like that, seriously. and glasses like that.

Allure said...

those booties rock!!

laia. said...