Friday, February 20, 2009

Brown Bunny

Project Runway winner Christian Siriano showed his Fall 2009 collection at New York Fashion Week on Thursday, and I am terrifically disappointed. First of all, I think it's safe to say I hate the color brown. Secondly, the Rodarte-style shoes are really ugly. Third, the gold fringe bangs remind me of Raggedy Ann and Andy, which is not hot, and lastly, don't the clothes make all the models look really wide? Dowdy to the max. We know you can do better, Christian. Try again!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Graveyard Girl

In case you didn't already know by now, I love black. I also love metallics, really high heels, and fur. I can never get enough structure, draping, or glamour. My favorite thing to wear is something that turns heads and makes eyes pop. 

(Those who know me will probably roll their eyes, because I usually wear jeans, but while I am not too concerned with what is apropos, it is more of an obstacle than anything else to show up at the playground with a freakishly energetic two-year-old wearing a skirt up to here and shoes with two-inch platforms. Not that I haven't, but the safety I must surrender accompanied by the strange looks I get from the stroller brigade tipped the scales in favor of less "statement-making" outfits during my working hours.)

Actual usefulness aside, garments with these qualities send me into a tizzy. Lanvin's Pre-Fall 2009 collection practically sent me into cardiac arrest. It. Is. Gorgeous. It is the collection for the ages for me. These are clothes I want to wear now, and the way I want to dress when I'm old and my children are grown and I'm a crazy cat lady like Edith Ewing Bouvier

Friday, February 6, 2009

Will you be my Valentine?

Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2009. If I had this collection in its entirety, I wouldn't have to buy clothes for several years. Okay, that's a lie, but how perfect is this? The colors, the textures, even the sunglasses are good!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Black Is Black

I hate that feeling of being totally out of the loop, and that's how I feel now that I've discovered this gorgeous Burberry Knight bag. Huge, black leather, extraneous straps, and most importantly, studs. A girl in my French class last night was carrying the best bag ever, and when I asked her who made it, her answer hardly surprised me. 

Rachel and I have been looking for good new bags, and thought we had done a decent job of it... Not so. I'm pretty certain everyone but me already knows about this bag. Whatevs. It's fucking fantastic. I now have my next project... all I need is some leather dye and a big bag of studs.... Who knew punk would become priss (and not completely suck)?