Thursday, April 2, 2009

Night Owl

Everybody's favorite denim brand, Cheap Monday, released a line of shades! Fucking sick. There are only three shapes, but they are all incredibly chic and at $35 a pop, you can afford to get all of them.

The pairs above are called Night Watch, which sounds like a terrifically cheesy 80's movie or cop show... wait, isn't it? I was engrossed in Australian claymation shows during the late 80's/early 90's, not cop dramas, so yeah.... whatevs, these shades are fucking rad.

Below, we have my personal fave, Night on Earth. Reminds me of (here we go again) that 80's movie "Earth Girls Are Easy"! I can't wait to try them on and see if they're too round for my face because if so.... (scroll down)

... I'm going for these puppies. To make matters worse (worse because I am going to die from the coolness of it all), they named a pair of shades after the hottest Nazi officer/Concentration camp survivor love affair film of all time: Night Porter.

Being that Coachella is in oh, 15 fucking days!, I have been thinking about searching for some new lunettes de soleil and these fit the bill. 

p.s. all photos stolen from holla!

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