Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sure, this is primarily a fashion blog, but music and fashion go hand in hand (duh!) And if there is anyone who embodies glamour, it would be Divine. Harris Glenn Milstead was born and raised in a suburb of Baltimore, and was a childhood friend of legendary auteur (and my personal favorite) John Waters. He starred in numerous Waters films, and became known as the (drag)queen of camp.

Today, I literally stumbled across these amazing music videos that Divine made. I haven't thought about Divine in months, or maybe years! Nothing like fabulously ridiculous vids to reignite my passion for her. They're perfect to listen to when you need an energy boost or when you're getting ready to go out. Maybe I'm crazy, but I am definitely inspired by Divine's hotness. (And yes, they all have the same beat.)

The Vaselines covered this next jam, "You Think You're A Man"!

Last is my personal favorite... I even bought the 12" single for this one! Love it!

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