Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Toxic Cosmetic

If you use makeup or skincare of any kind, you should probably consider the ingredients. You wouldn't eat behenutrimonium chloride so why are you smearing it all over your face?

A great resource for finding out just how toxic your products are is the cosmetic database.
After discovering that my favorite cleanser scored a whopping EIGHT on the toxic scale(ahem...thanks Clarins), I've been searching for some greener alternatives. Unfortunately, the new Stella Care organic line has not been rated. As always, use this information wisely, and don't be too paranoid. As Raquel pointed out to me today, just because this stuff is hazardous, it does not mean we are all going to get cancer. Be smart.
But what got me thinking about all this is the Story of Stuff, an amazing 20 minute movie that tells us where all our stuff comes from and how we can be better about using the stuff we have.

Although we here at youthquaker are all about awesome (ultimately, consumable) stuff, we believe in being environmentally conscience. This is why we love thrift stores, garage sales, and swap meets. Happy Hunting.