Saturday, August 9, 2008

Artist Spotlight: Alex Steckly

On the aforementioned Portland vacation, I was introduced to the work of 21-year-old visual artist Alex Steckly. His large-scale paintings are described as "a take on early formalist aesthetics". While I'm not positive what that means, his gorgeous and effortless works have me itching to take an art history class to find out. His last series featured rectangular canvases painted with large circles, paint drips, and feather light lines suggesting abstract planets. All of his paintings are covered with a thick coat of resin, creating a glass-like surface reminiscent of still water. I was lucky to see some other pieces from a different series, including a beautiful cream-colored square canvas with burgundy swirls, splatters, and drops, one of which is his blood. Biological art... the next frontier?


Anonymous said...

formalist aesthetics simply means that he has a simple formula that he always follows. i wouldnt consider that a compliment to his work

Anonymous said...

Actually, that would be "formulaic aesthetics." Formalism is a design aesthetic wherein the form and the components of the art itself are what make it beautiful (as opposed to realism, etc.). In Alex's case, the use of resin coating and simple shapes are what make his art so amazing.