Monday, August 16, 2010


Not gonna lie...I am seriously dying for home right now.  I miss my dalmation, Cleo, the sound my mom's bracelets make when she walks, the smell of my dad's house and burritos.  


Ms.B said...

the bedroom pic is magnificent....wish that would happen to me when i slept

erwin said...

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DollHouse said...

I went to Doll House and had the worst experience of my life. I ordered a dress 3 months before my formal and it didn’t come in. she told me the dress was customized but was told a week before my formal that they could not do it and was told to chose another dress from the shop which upset me as I had my heart set on the dress I ordered. Thank you Doll House for destroying my only formal it was the worst time.

Fore Trend said...

Love the photos!!Beautiful evening photos as well, I can never get anything to come out properly in this kind of light, but these look beautiful!!