Monday, December 8, 2008

Gorgeous Gore

Last night, a friend turned me on to Bittersweets NY, an incredible jewelry company out of Brooklyn. In 2002, a woman named Robin began handcrafting exquisite little pieces in her apartment, and Bittersweets was born.

These pieces are not cheap (silver is around $150 and up, while gold is closer to $400 and up) but they are all custom made when you order. Bittersweets' aesthetic is nothing if not macabre, but fantastic and unique as well. There are charms, bracelets, rings, and necklaces in the image of maggots, earthworms, vampire teeth, hearts (biological, of course), severed hands and fingers, unicorn horns....

And if all that wasn't enough to pierce your heart, they offer classes! The class is held in New York's jewelry district over the course of month, and, at $250 plus materials, is a steal! You learn to create a design in wax, and later cast it in metal. You can create several waxes on your own time, and have use of the studio facilities during the 12 class hours. Check out their site for more info.

Pieces shown: Earthworm ring, Earthworm bracelet, Baby Vamp Keepsake ring, Unicorn necklace, Divorce necklace, Vampress engagement ring.

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